Arabia: Sand, Sea and Sky: Eye of the Camel

The biggest peninsula worldwide was fractured from the remainder of Africa greater than 35 million years earlier. Couple of individuals understand that Arabia is not just desert but mountains as well as gorgeous coast. This video clip lays out to examine each of the 3 ecosystems at the office here and exactly how they relate. Beginning with the Red Sea, where reef stretch for miles, the video considers zebra sole, jellyfish, sea followers, and handgun shrimp, who are amongst the inhabitants of this underwater garden. After that it's off to the mountains, where exotic plant life draws in an Abyssinian roller, baboons, fruit bats, as well as reptiles who turn from multicolor brown to fluorescent blue. In the south Arabian sand desert, viewers sign up with a Bedouin family members and their herd of 90 camels. They take a trip 100 miles a day at 11 miles per hr. This video is an exceptional review as well as prospers in revealing the variety of topography and wildlife in Arabia.

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  1. desert sand

    Can somebody link to an English version of this? English subtitles are aight too.I can only seem VHS tapes of this documentary, which is of no use to me because I have nothing to play it on. There are also DVD versions of this but they’re far and few between and none of them ship to where I live. 

  2. Abod Beloved

    جميل جداً وروعة إلى أبعد مدى ، مع أنه فيلم قديم إلا أنه من الأفلام الوثائقية التي يُوثق بها لفهم الطبيعة الصحراوية العربية . نحن الشعب العربي نتمنى المزيد من الواثائقين والمنتجين لتثقيف الجهال عن الحضارات العربية والبيئة الصحراوية .

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