Best Camel Qurbani expert & professional qasai on eid funny video cow camel 2016

Beloved Cow Qubanilovers, When you purchase a Beautiful Pet for your residence qurbani by investing substantial amount to give up in the way of Allah. I wish to mention here, Never ever hire non specialists for butchering your animals (Cow Qubani) When you employ non experts. They give way too much discomforts to your pets Cattle Qubani. Your Pet Cow Qubani Endured alot. wheen you hire a massacre male Make certain the adhering to things.

1) Sharp Blade.
2) Takbeer (For Halal Meat ).
3) Professional in slaughtering.
4) Have Butchering History.
5) Cut wind pipe, throat and vessels of neck.
6) Animal Doesn't Really feel discomfort.

The quick cutting of vessels of the neck detaches the circulation of blood to the nerve of the brain responsible for discomfort. Thus the pet does not feel discomfort. While dying, the pet shows up to struggle, squirm, drink and also kick, not as a result of pain, yet as a result of the contraction and leisure of the muscular tissues deficient in blood and also because of the flow of blood from the body.

We upload video clips, just to allow you understand, when you work with specialists, exactly how well they massacre the pets. and also how the non specialists give pain to pets. We would certainly state please avoid employing non professionals.

Thanks & Finest Regards,

Team Pakistan Livestock Expo.

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Al- Syed Livestock Ranch.

Surti Cattle Farm.

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Shah Livestock Farm.

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Surmawala Livestock Ranch.

Fayaz Livestock Farm.

Surti Cattle Ranch.

Thatta Cattle Farm.

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Sonia Cattle Farm.

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Camel Qurbani on Eid ul Adha.

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Desi as well as foreign Type Both Readily available …

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  1. Updated News

    Janwar ko qataL karna KITNI BADTAMEEZ Harkat hai. Tum sab ko isska KARMA miLay ga. Aur tum Log khud apnay Logo ko bhi iss trah QataL karo gay.  BUDDHA nay jaandar ko marnay say MANA KIYA THA. All animals and human beings are creatures and citizens of Planet Earth, yahan koi Pakistan, India, Bengaldesh, Saudi Arabia, American, Europe, nahi. Yeh hai Planet Earth. Sab jandar yahan kay Citizen hain.

    • usman malik

      apne kbhi b chicken khaya hai….if Jandaar ki baat kro tu Islam me hum oa Jo chezen halal hen wo tu hum zrur use krengay….chahe tume us se koi b pareshani ho….2sra agr tum india se ho tu btana zra yeh Hindu Gaey(cow)ka paishab(pee)kio drink kerte hen……?

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