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    • Tex117TheBossAtKillingChaos

      The calf was apparently positioned twisted while inside the womb, which made it near impossible to it alone. Such is not always the case with camel births, but in this case if they hadn’t helped her then both the mother and the baby calf would have died.

  1. WachdByBigBrother

    I wish there was an explanation for why the intervention was felt necessary instead of letting the camel do it on it’s own.

    • Pentti Koivisto

      Hi, this calfs legs and neck were twisted inside so it was very much needed to make correction first so that it was possible to pull the baby out. without professional help firt baby and later also the mother would have died.

  2. WachdByBigBrother

    MrJimcaale1900 with no reply button……..

    Women were asked to give birth lying down simply because some guy decided he wanted a better vantage point instead of other positions used before that let gravity help.  So tradition sometimes means being backward. Don’t assume anything.

  3. Kmai Irv

    Why did they tie it up? It’s like tying up a person doings it’s business. And also, it must really hurt. #Letherdoit!

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