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    • lebonheur lebonheur

      +Pair Savage Lizard  Daesh and SAUDI state are same  ,  Daesh was created by saudi state with USA     if you are saudi ,  who living in Germany you are Lucky  , but people  of saudi arabia  have  no  luck  to live in the state who they beheading  every day poor  people  and poor foreign people     saudi and USA in the same  chip     both  was  created  DAESH 
      may god destroy SAUDI arabia  STATE

    • Pair Savage Lizard

      +lebonheur lebonheur
      I am not Suadi Libya is my country but all arabs are supposed to bemy brothers and i live in Germany

  1. Jacob J

    No offense to anyone but there are stupid people everywhere in world. I could be giving a lot of examples but thats not my point here. This is why we should encourage our kids to be educated and not just educated but also have common sense, that can only be achieved by being a street smart. A rope, like this one, depending on its weight, anyone can measure if it can hold a camel or not. Money and love is important in life but hasn’t it been important to people since last 200 years and its all we concentrate on money, love and family. lets start moving forward people , we have enough stepped back in life ..lets move forward. Back in the days people used to invent new things like cars, telephone, airplanes etc. But you tell me what was the last new invention? …a new samsung s4? thats just modifying telephone to make better sales and entertainment for people. Universe is like a room full of dust and our earth is just one of the dust particles and we humans fight and snitch and do all kinds of stuff here. Lets explore and move forward. This universe is for us.    

    • Turbosnail

      +Citra Komaladevi the reason that this happened is because of sheer stupidity. this would of never happened if they would of stayed away from the water or attached the rope properly

  2. V VAS

    actually that poor camel was not happy with its life so she committed suicide but that was not happen,,,so these brain less Arabs make that happen…lol…

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