Camel mating ritual in Saudi Arabia

Throughout my current journey to Saudi Arabia, I was able to video clip a camel showing off his pink throat sac.

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  1. M alameri

    @xXxPoOkAxXx yes i would say the same if i didn’t know much about camels, male camels always have a sharper looking lower stomach so they can mate properly. 🙂

  2. ScarletLetter86

    @tattivalenti90 That chirping sound is him grinding his teeth. The males are the only ones who do that. They use it as a warning to other males and a come hither to the females.

  3. Daniel Tynan

    I worked with Bactrian camels and never saw such a thing! However the constant foaming at the mouth. . weight loss and squeaking teeth I saw. . . A bull camel in rut is totally transformed. .stops eating, half starved. . drooling and completely dangerous and unpredictable. I was charged by one before. . . Jumped over a ditch just as his teeth closed onto my shoulder.

  4. Young Lion

    I don’t understand…it’s supposed to be very very hot in a lot of Arab countries, but it is so cloudy so much of the time when I see footage from Saudi or Iraq. Is it just dust?
    Because cloudy weather and 111 degree heat don’t go together.

  5. eertola

    @Skagrunger24 it is not the stomach, it is the dulaa, a pouch of the camel’s soft palate that can be inflated and everted by male camels in rut. it is not being everted from any farther than the back of its throat, and is perfectly normal!

  6. bustacapinlutha

    @Sc0ttPrian Dude, I think that is the sound of the camel’s teeth grinding on each other–they do that for some reason–maybe they think it is sexy?!!

  7. bustacapinlutha

    @NorthCitySider Well, in Los Angeles where it is usually pretty damn hot, an inversion layer happens and even when it is not smoggy, it can look real hazy. But I know every video I see from Saudi Arabia, it does look hazy everywhere.

  8. Young Lion

    But LA isn’t as hot as these countries. It’s not even as hot as Chicago in the summer really and plus it’s in the coast. And these countries are extremely dry whereas LA is near the coast so there is at least some humidity.

  9. bustacapinlutha

    @NorthCitySider Dude I lived in LA for 42 years – it is very hot and dry there. It is an irrigated desert. Houston is humid!! I know S.A. is hotter and they don’t even publish the temperatures in Kawait and Yemen and Abu Dhabi!!

  10. bustacapinlutha

    @MrDanielTynan Dude – you have a hilarious but yet so descriptive way with words — you should write!! I have read that male camels go absolutely insane when they “fall in love” and will beat the crap out of another male if he even looks at his 8 to 10 girlfriends.

  11. M alameri

    im from UAE and this is a mating, this sound also displayed in dominance between male camels 🙂 are stud camels do it mostly when females come to heat 🙂

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