Camel Racing Children

Youngsters are being taken into the Arab Emirates to be made use of as camel jockeys, the more youthful the jockey, the much faster the camel.

A new day in the desert, and also the ancient animals of this dry land are readying for a race. The sporting activity of camel auto racing has actually been around for as long as affluent Sheikh's have been contending for power and also reputation. There is one regulation to winning … the smaller sized the jockey the quicker the camel.
Therefore children are the jockeys of option. They're not citizens, but foreign children too young to know much at all, other than that they are a world away from house.

However the auto racing continues and also as long as self interest is driving this video game a various future for these kids is not worth banking on.

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  1. bagintree

    Robot jockeys are boring. Makes it like dog racing. If there is a way to do it humanely with human jockeys, that would make it more interesting.

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