29 Replies to “Camel racing in dubai!15.03.2015”

  1. Gamze Inci

    Assalamu Aleykum to all the brothers I just want to say the Camel races that you’s do are Sinful. These Camels were used by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V) to travel to Mecca and Medina and what are you guy’s doing in Dubai racing these Camels? Aren’t you’s scared from Allah’s Punishment? I am talking to all of the Dubai people’ are you’s muslims? In my eyes this is not muslim and do real muslims do races and gambling? Australia has Melbourne Cup and Emirates/Dubai is sponsoring them and there horses. Why did Allah create Horses and Camels? He created them for travelling and not for gambling and Allah created them so we can have easy travel and for protection from war and look at you brother’s what are you’s doing? Are you’s putting your self in hell?. Look this life is temporary and every one has to taste death and how are you’s going to go in front of Allah? Are you’s going to come in front of Allah and you’s are calling your self a muslim country, Does a muslim country give an example like this?. What does the Quran say? It says do not gamble and do not kill and do not pinch and don’t harm others that’s including animals as well. On judgement day Allah is going to ask every body question on how they handled animals and in this world animals can’t talk but in the Quran it says that in the other world the animals are going to talk and explain them selves and these animals are going to ask you questions and say why did you gamble me? why did you whip me and win money from me for your self and then all of you people are going to go Hell who ever did all of these things. Every one should wait for there time to be judged and every one is going to the grave and these animals are going to punish you in the grave. I am a true muslim and i love Allah so much and i love animals and animals are my family and inshallah Allah will open up your eyes and curtain and make your ears open and you will turn back before you die and return back to Allah. Any body who is against me they can reply back but i will always pray to Allah and complain about all you people who gamble with animals.

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