19 Replies to “Camels having Sex at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Florida – Funny”

  1. jason crispen

    I’ve been to Busch gardens it was fun but I didn’t go on ne roller coasters beside the wood ones. that was like 2 years ago though and I would love to go back.

  2. Brandon Maya

    Like rayruiz said, apparently YOU care. You took the time to comment, not to mention watch the video, which I’m sure gave you a new found physical attraction to camels.

  3. sam06pr

    Aw I miss the camels, every morning when I showed up to work and prepped the area next to the camel, i always saw them having sex. Or just saw one starring at me…jajajaja

  4. MagicMoguler

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  5. prashant2329

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