Child camel jockeys in the Middle East – Ansar Burney – Part 1

The Emmy and Alfred duPont honor winning documentary on the predicament of child camel jockeys between East as well as Ansar Burney's objective to conserve countless kids from modern day slavery.

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    • Afco vzw

      +Abdullah W. Real Faith should overcome some cultures malpractices. No doubt they have no Faith, that is why they are involved in such diabolical customary behavior. Typical arab heritage: SLAVE DRIVERS

    • stir yotype

      +Abdullah W. what is worse Abdullah? A 3year old slave jockey, or  a female musician dancing on tv only with a bikini? If you were forced to accept one of these two forms of immorality, which one would it be?

    • stir yotype

      +sweetnawesome23 have you read their religious texts. While this may not be explicitly encouraged,  slavery is accepted within the texts.

  1. adysaxman77

    I thank God for the life of Ansar Burney, who has helped liberate thousands of men, women and children from slavery, may the Lord continue to bless him. 

    • muhammad asif

      +Vicky Rock Again you people have shown your naive stupidity, do you even know how many people die everyday in India because of poverty? They starve to death each and everyday and you stupid Indians are talking about Pakistani. You people are killing your own Indian Muslim citizen over beef issue and you are talking about wahabism? First try to fix your country then talk about other countries and religion, you don’t even know about your own religion lol

    • Vicky Rock

      +muhammad asif you have not 1% understanding abute India. Because your Hater education against kafir. But it’s not my problem. Do you think India is more poor Compared you?? So Be happy in dreams.this is your Right. But fact is our bihars per capital income is more than your whol country. He also Their alms in spite of America China amirat some alms Iran also. You people are worlds biggest lire and Less understanding.because teaching of mullas Arab is your fathers. Lol and Arab splitting on your face. See what doing Arabs with your childrens and you blaming to India same on you foolist. You blaming all Indian on one case and you forget who killed Hindus Sik.was Hindus Sikh in 1947 30% and now just 1% who eated humans meat like Cannibals you .

    • muhammad asif

      +Vicky Rock Ok the stats you have puked about stupid Indian income, do you have any proof of that? Where did you get that stats from? Lets see is your stats are authentic and official, do you have any link or whatever? You stupid Indians always lies huh as usual intolerant and bigots. I don’t know who stupid said that India will beat China and west economically wise. Stop dreaming mannnn wake up before its too late first try to feed those who are starving to death in India rest of the stuff we will see it later lol

    • Vicky Rock

      +muhammad asif thausents of profe I have and link also but I don’t want to argu with you you are a rest of NATO and we a democratic nation we and world know who is India just live your life God bless you.

    • muhammad asif

      +Vicky Rock Lol ok I won’t argue but please tell me where did you get those stats from? Give me the proof please I wanna know the truth. Yes the world knows who is India and why there is so much hunger lol.
      Please give me the link or anything of your stats?

  2. muhammad asif

    Stupid folks let me tell you one thing this has nothing to do with Islam so give your head a shake. These are Arabs so comment on the main topic (Arabs)

  3. NoMatterWhat NeverGiveUp

    mr.burney you are doing a great job..i hope i could support you in some way..
    you are a hope to these small kids..
    luv from.India

  4. Savage Wolf

    No matter what U.S.A. will never stop it. that’s why they don’t allow Camera’s . It’s been going on for year’s it will never stop , EVER.

  5. Savage Wolf

    No matter what U.S.A. will never stop it. that’s why they don’t allow Camera’s . It’s been going on for year’s it will never stop , EVER.

  6. hudhastings1

    whats the problem the kids are the best jockeys I would want the best as well. It does not matter if they die indians who cares

  7. KHALDUN ALQAISI خلدون ع. ع. القيسي

    This is very old issue, it is now solved. There are things we should take into consideration: The boys work with the consent of their parents. they are very well paid. their parents can take them at any moment. This is my version of what I see and expect. However, I am 100% against child labor but these are very poor and if they do not work, their condition would be far worse. Therefore, I invite Western human organizations to help these children by offering them education and money.

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