Demand for camel meat in Egypt on the rise amid foot and mouth disease fears

Egypt's largest camel market located simply outside Giza is obtaining nationwide focus as livestocks across the country struggle with spreading out foot and also mouth condition.

Camel investors group to Birqash Camel Market with their camel freights, as the need for camel meat is on the surge as a result of the fear of beef intake.

Camel meat was generally seen as a much healthier alternative to beef, due to its reduced degrees of fat and cholesterol, but individuals are currently choosing camel meat for safety and security as opposed to health procedures.

" Now we totally fear cow and also livestocks meat. So we switched to camel meat. Our food preparation as well as our minced meat and also whatever is from pure camel meat. We have actually altered to camel meat after the media's continuous cautions to quit consuming meat. I also have listened to that the fresh milk is additionally infected with foot as well as mouth disease."

The Birqash camel market opens early in the morning to make sure sales before it gets as well warm throughout the day. The investors import the camels from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia as well as Uganda.

" This market works with Fridays and also Sundays. These are the primary days. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is a little quantity of business going below. The butchers come here to get camels as well as we carry them to their stores," camel investor Fawzy stated.

The camels are transferred across the Sudan-Egypt border, where the agent sells them to the investor, bargaining consisted of, making certain a maximum sale.

While the traders have learnt how to take care of camel temperament, animal abuse still occurs in the marketplace, as several of the humped creatures are connected and also defeated to stop their retreat.

For that, some tourists who visit the market claim the experience is harsh to bear.

" I mean I absolutely recognize that this is service which people are below to gain their life which is natural. Yet I imply there are various other means to do that. As well as actually the camels are coming to be extremely aggressive sometimes and they are running everywhere. It threatens to stroll below because they are ending up being hostile because they don't know exactly what's taking place. They just have three legs. They cannot actually move. I simply feel it's harsh and also worthless," stated Marion, a French traveler.

In downtown Cairo, some butchers have concentrated on purely camel meat company. Despite the problem of the increase in expenses of camel meat, to around $9 a kilo, meals such as camel meat kebabs remain popular, demonstrating the significance of safety and security over costs.

By Noora Faraj
Al Arabiya with Agencies

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