France vs Croatia : Shaheen’s World Cup 2018 final prediction

It's been an incredible Globe Cup 2018 with surprises, weaves are plentiful. The dust has actually cleared up as well as only 2 countries remain. France vs Croatia: Shaheen the camel's World Mug forecast of the day. See much more at:

20 Replies to “France vs Croatia : Shaheen’s World Cup 2018 final prediction”

  1. Amethystiumm Amythystiumm

    Funny video.. Good luck to both teams. My heart want Croatia cause they never felt joy of winning the world cup.

  2. Classic Quarters

    Praying for #Croatia to win the World Cup this Sunday at #fifaworldcup2018 but if Africa wins 😂 sorry I mean “France” I’m still #proud of our boys their #heart #drive and #passion has won the whole #world over! If “France” does win then I hope your country sends the cup to #africa where it belongs

  3. Champion 643

    He was wrong about Belgium I hope he’s wrong about this,which ever country who wins truly deserves it they’ve put in the work

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