Funny Animal Behavior : Camel Chewing

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Camels eat their Cud (Component of digested food that is vomitted and after that chew within mouth) and the motion is fairly funny. Imagine how individuals would certainly react if a person mimicked this technique at a 5 star dining establishment. This video clip was taken in a desert in Oman, South of Saudi Arabia, West of the Capitol of Muskat.

20 Replies to “Funny Animal Behavior : Camel Chewing”

  1. NikkiSeraphim

    I got to feed camels once. lol look up “Feeding Camels! 4/21/10” it was funny/random because they were in a kmart parking lot.

  2. bustacapinlutha

    @Nonbeliever42 Oh My God – you are right – I’ve been in U Tube looking at hundreds of camels and I’ll be damned if each one of these gorgeous creatures has a precious smile.

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