Funny Animal Behavior : Camel Chewing

Camels eat their Cud (Component of digested food that is vomitted and after that chew within mouth) and the motion is fairly funny. Imagine how individuals would certainly react if a person mimicked this technique at a 5 star dining establishment. This video clip was taken in a desert in Oman, South of Saudi Arabia, West of the Capitol of Muskat.

20 Replies to “Funny Animal Behavior : Camel Chewing”

  1. NikkiSeraphim

    I got to feed camels once. lol look up “Feeding Camels! 4/21/10” it was funny/random because they were in a kmart parking lot.

  2. bustacapinlutha

    @Nonbeliever42 Oh My God – you are right – I’ve been in U Tube looking at hundreds of camels and I’ll be damned if each one of these gorgeous creatures has a precious smile.

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