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  1. Autumn Rose

    At first I thought ohh is this camel trying tohurt this man then it looked a little dirty but then I have a dirty mind sorry to say . I soon realized it was playing with this guy so cute thumbs up .

  2. Prvacy Goune

    Isn’t this what the larger male camels do when they are fighting? It’s cute now but someday this camel is going to have teeth!

    I don’t know much about camels so I’ll just have to trust this guy on this one.

    • Tummun

      You are so accurate on describing it now and predicting how it might in the near future. I have a lot of experience on camels and we used to own 100’s of camels.

  3. Tummun

    This guy may know or may not know but he’s training this camel to be a nasty man eater. This is how camel males fight. Little one is spot on right now just lacks strength and teeth. Just wait in less than 2 years.

  4. Afgan Asgan

    i once heard that camels never forget if you mistreat them they get revenge even after years when you forget, they bite and crush smoother people with their cheasts against the ground exactly like this one here is training on this man

  5. عبدالرحمن السعيدي

    تعلمه اللعب والله لا يقولها بكره يجمد علي طفل او حرمه او رجل
    الله يستر

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