Funny Camel Sex

Sorry for the unrefinement of the title, yet this video is dedicated to a girl who stated this really notorious line throughout the Israeli trip to the South of Israel, where there were lots of Camels. I presume it was a hot night, where two Camels came to be attracted to every various other in the center of the evening and after that began to get it on … However that's an entire various story, this video goes into Jerusalem, where the Holocaust museum of Israel is and then to the South of Israel, where I slept in the desert and after that had the experience of riding Camels in the beautiful desert of Israel. Take pleasure in!

18 Replies to “Funny Camel Sex”

  1. Dr. Azin

    Uhh..You sound like one of those OJ Simpson jurors:”All dis talk about DNA…dey said that the chances of two people wif matchin DNA is on in 40 million. Well, dey ain’t even 40 million people in Los Angeles, so how could dat be true.”

    (Of course, they were parroting what Johnnie Cochran told them and they bought, but sheeit!)

    So, try to get yourself educated beyond 7th grade and enlighten yourself about the world around you and its history.

  2. bnwwf91

    эти араби и мусальманы антисемиты меня задрали уже! хахаха СЛАВА ЕВРЕЙСКОМУ НАРОДУ!

  3. Syaifudinpaksay

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  4. Janak Kharel

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