Funny Camels Сommercial. It’s What You Do. GEICO Super Bowl commercial

Amusing Camels Сommercial. It's What You Do. GEICO Super Bowl commercial
This is the commercial tale regarding mishap in the zoo with geico camels.

Hey! Presume exactly what day it is? – Bulge Day! – HUMMMP DAAAY!- ITS BULGE DAY! -Yeah! – Hey Mike! -Mike Mike
Mike Mike Mike! MIKE MIKE. – Hey! He knows! – Hey! Think exactly what day it is! – HI THERE! CAMEL! Guess just what day it is! – Its not also Wednesday. – Let it go, Phil.
If youre a camel, you bore with this all the moment. Its just what you do. If you intend to conserve fifteen percent or even more on car insurance, you switch over to GEICO. It's exactly what you do. OKAY …

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19 Replies to “Funny Camels Сommercial. It’s What You Do. GEICO Super Bowl commercial”

  1. Xaxton Revolution

    Was this a response to —the allegations that the original, “Hump Day” commercial was racist against middle eastern people?— Or is it just a coincidence that they’re saying, ‘we’re not making fun of Middle Eastern people, we’re making fun of Camels?’

  2. Shawn speaks

    if I was the camel I would die to simple fact I’m annoyed it will be like it’s hump day
    it hump day it’s hump day it’s hump day hey camel ehhhh

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