Gulabo dance in CAMEL FESTIVAL BIKANER RAJASTHAN 18-19-20 January 2011

The Lively, vibrant as well as bright occasion, the Camel Celebration is organized as well as regulated by the Rajasthan Federal government's Department of Tourism, Art and Culture. The Camel Festival is held in Bikaner yearly. This year the Camel Festival is being held from 18th– 19th January.

The Camel Celebration in Bikaner every year starts with a vibrant procession of decorated camels. The procession of the vibrant camels walk against the red sandstone background of the Junagarh Ft.

The party move forward to the open sand-spreads of the grounds. The festivity in Bikaner Camel Event consists of finest type competition, the tug-of-war contest of Camels, camel dance competitors, acrobatics, etc

. The display screen of terrific footwork by camels fills your heart with pleasure. The camels enthrall the site visitors by dancing elegantly to the tiniest direction of their trainers.

The nights at the Bikaner Camel Event close with a different mood and also rhythm completely. The evenings offer a traditional affair of prominent artists of Rajasthan and also the regional folk entertainers.
Gulabo– Famous Kalbeliya Professional dancer


The Kalbeliya Dancing ended up being a Rajasthan special due to Gulabo. She becomes part of the global culture and music circuit, big band as well as have actually been an entertainer in films also.
In this Dancing sapera dancers put on long, black skirts stitched with silver ribbons. As they rotate in a circle, their body moves very acrobatically. It is difficult to believe that they are constructed from anything aside from rubber.

Vigorous as well as Zestful Present of Rajasthani Art

Kalbeliya Dancers are attired in standard black accompaniment of pungi, dufli as well as plaintive notes of the 'been'– the wooden tool of the snake charmers.

2 or 3 ladies sing in a piercing, complimentary flowing voice, while others participate the dance. The energetic and also zestful display screen of their excellent motions to the captivating tune of musical tools is a treat to the eyes.

The Kalbelia Dancers execute in the time of any kind of huge festival or any type of cultural dancing program all throughout the globe.

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