Come have a conversation concerning the benefits of camel milk as well as just how it could help Lyme illness in addition to other conditions like diabetic issues, autism, autoimmune conditions, food allergies, microbial infections, as well as a lot more!
It's also tasty and also you don't have to be unwell to enjoy this superfood!

Go here to acquire camel milk from Desert Farms!

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DISCLAIMER: All products were bought with my very own money. This video is not implied to provide clinical advice or be the alternative of a medical professional, clinical treatment, or other sort of health care. Constantly look for the recommendations of your medical professional or various other qualified health care provider with concerns you have concerning a clinical condition or treatment as well as before starting a new healthcare routines.


  1. aGirlWithLyme

    This sounds super interesting! I have a lot of body pain, fatigue, and brain fog- I’d love to try it but living in Canada that would be hella expensive to buy and ship! So happy your having some success with it! 🙂

    • Aly Ellen

      I’m not sure of the costs of shipping to Canada, but they’ve always been so helpful and nice when I call them! I’m sure they would have an answer for you! All the best xx

  2. Laura's Natural Life

    Finally watching this! I feel like I need to try this but I seriously despise drinking milk of any form. I could put it in a smoothie tho!

  3. KittieHOLE

    Interesting, I first encountered this type of milk when I was in the Middle East and locals advised me on its health properties. Glad it’s helping you.

  4. Yahye Donfodio

    honey you still look .. i live in a place called isiolo in kenya.. lots of camels here producing milk.. wanna know whattsup me +254791666688

  5. Vahe345

    camels milk is so good. It feels like it cures everything. Well i don’t know about cured but i know i feel way better while drinking it. Makes me want to go to Ethiopia and have camels milk everyday. Desert Farms shipping to Canada costs 144$ usd minimum.

    • Aly Ellen

      Gravie Girls Right now I am in a tight financial situation, so I cannot afford more than the bare essentials. I am a lot healthier now than when I filmed this video and I think the CM contributed to my current level of health in a positive way 🙂 I recommend it if you have the finances.

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