Killing of camels, abuse, the footage in this video is not suitable for sensitive or young viewers

Pls stop killing of animals, stop pet misuse, be a vegeterian,

25 Replies to “Killing of camels, abuse, the footage in this video is not suitable for sensitive or young viewers”

  1. Yusuf Omar

    Never seen a camel slaughtered before but this is insanely uncomfortable! The method used itself is cruel in my eyes, Wrap a cloth on it’s eyes, Sit it & when it’s calm, Do what’s needed! Imagine the horror the camels are going through seeing it’s own kind fall to the ground while bloods gushing from their necks!

  2. Conner Tinkler

    I didn’t see any abuse. Just bleeding them out. I thought I was going to get to see some towel heads stabbing some camel balls or something. Weeeeaaakk! Vegetarians are gutless people and only produce offspring with soft heads and weak minds. BEEF!

  3. Conner Tinkler

    Oh Sarah, I take it your some bleeding heart liberal that thinks animals serve some other purpose than food. Just so you know I kill as many animals as I possibly can every year. For food mainly and some for sport and the best part is it’s legal and I will continue to do it just to piss off all you waste of human space hippies. In fact I am going to kill a bunch of ducks this weekend and will probably throw them right in the trash because they taste like crap. Population control. Then I am going to harvest two or three deer and turn them into steaks, sausage and ground chuck. Then I will turn them into a pile human poop that I flush right down the toilet. As you liberals think you serve some purpose in life fighting for animal rights I and all my other fellow hunters will continue to happily kill everything that moves in the woods just for fun and extra food. Have a splendid day tomorrow trying to figure out how to insult someone on YouTube that has thicker skin than any of the weak tofu farting ferries you hang around.

    • Joel Ortega

      are you fucking retarted? lmao because they are available in those countries thats why. your stupidity amuses me 

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