Md. Saifullah Zafar Visited Camel Farm House in Najran,KSA Part-01

Md. Saifullah Zafar saw Camel Farm Houses on Thursday, May26,2011, which is 40 K.M faraway from the primary Najran City of Saudi Arabia. It is located on the desert land. There are many Pet Ranch Houses, where there are nearly more than 3000 camels are cared by the employee from different countries like, India, Sudan, Yamen, Bangladesh, Pakistan and so on. Some camels are only for taking milk, sacrifice and some are for the participation of Camel Race arranged by the Najran State Authourity.

2 Replies to “Md. Saifullah Zafar Visited Camel Farm House in Najran,KSA Part-01”

  1. bustacapinlutha

    Very nice video. Interesting–you have a lot of camels. How do you ever transport them to the camel races? Have they ever won? Thanks !!

  2. أبوســعدون

    1:10 he is saying this is a doctor he cant drink it from the plate like us he needs a cup XD

    thos are bedwins aka people who live in the desert not city thy breed thes for living but in 2015 it is rarly seen that bedwins live in desert so thy brreed thes anmils and love them and thy make crazy allot of mony out of them google مزايين ام رقيبة
    its an event each year wich thy show the best looking camels

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