26 Replies to “More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette”

    • mymyby

      You are right – and the biggest lie today is milk products

      today they advice dairy – milk products … which cause cancer and soo many other health problems

      ( like diabetes – heart disease – osteoporosis ect ) just read about it yourself its all true

  1. Zombie-Process

    Back then, “doctor” was kinda a profession like “rock star” (sort of) If it was something doctors enjoyed, everyone else wanted in on it.

    • broliie 2

      yes back in the day they use to get people to try it but now in this generation they make advertisements & commercials about not smoking…crazy right?

  2. Mark Samios

    Yeah, back then doctors thought cancer was a tobacco deficiency. Today under the influence of e-cigars, think cancer is a chemo deficiency. You got to love medical science.

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