One Million Dollar Camel Race – Wild Arabia – BBC

In the last 15 years Camel auto racing has transformed into among the richest sports in the world, with some races having a grand prize of one million dollars …

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24 Replies to “One Million Dollar Camel Race – Wild Arabia – BBC”

  1. Ken Abbott

    “To save on weight” sounds very nice, but the truth is that several nations banned jockeys because the search for lighter jockeys lead a lot of competitors to use child-slaves.

  2. moza 236

    My uncle has a racing camel and they don’t feed it as much food as the other non racing camels because they don’t want him to gain weight and be heavy so the racing camel bite the man who feeds him on his stomach

  3. Gwnboefman Aa

    A camel has ussualy an “fat reserve” on his back. He can last an week with it after drinking a lot of water. I am very sure they wont feed that camel for an week on purpose, just to let it lose weight. You also cant see the fat reserve. Is this really what animals made fore?

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