Only in Saudi Arabia – A Failed Attempt to Save A Camel

Just in Saudi Arabia, an unsuccessful effort to conserve a camel, with the Saudi civil defense 2012

30 Replies to “Only in Saudi Arabia – A Failed Attempt to Save A Camel”

  1. Owow Owow

    Guys can you stop accusing a whole nation for the doings of a bunch of people. I live in saudi arabia and am not even one of these people.You should look at people from a different prespective and what does religion has to do with that.Islam is the religion of peace adn beyond that it is a religion of equality and respect.I mean that you can t judge a whole country for a bunch of crazy people who are not even qualified to do such things.Now let me give an example what are italian famous for? Pizza right .Do they all know how to make pizza .Do they all love pizza.See there is a diversity in everything.Some are bad and some are good.The moral of this long writing is that you must not judge a whole group of people because someone has made something wrong and in addition to that I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding .Best Regards

  2. ToxicTiki

    Imagine how little they value life when none would get even a little dirty to help the camel. Cheap rope, a bad truck driver and snobby people do not equal a good rescue team.

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