7 Replies to “Oregon Alpaca Farm overview”

  1. Shawn Miles

    I really want to start an alpaca farm (in a few years) and this video showed me the basics, thanks for posting. I’m still investigating to see if this is the right way to go and I think it just may be. 

  2. Tressa Dionne

    I would love to come and work on your farm this summer in exchange for a room and food! Please contact me if interested! I would like to know more about running an alpaca farm! 🙂

  3. zachary cole

    I want to have an alpaca farm and I was wondering if you could make a more in depth video about what you would do on a daily life on an alpaca farm

  4. The Man Who's Speaking

    Great video.  I appreciate your insight into raising alpacas.  I noticed that Gabe is still working a day job.  Is that just because he likes doing it, or is it necessary to support the farm?  I’m basically trying to figure out if raising alpacas is just a good hobby or if you can make a good living off of it.  Thanks for posting this video.  It was very informative.

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