23 Replies to “Qurbani of Camel in saudi arabia”

  1. Abdulisbatman18

    This is probably the worst way I have seen this happen.
    1) You are not supposed to have the animal see the knife that you are about to use
    2) If you’re slaughtering more than one animal they should not see each other being killed. Either kill them in two different parts of the property or wait until te first one has been taken care of
    3) The animal about to be slaughtered should be sitting down and comforted
    4) The whole takbeer is supposed to be recited….

  2. Mohammed Aminur Rahman


    if you think this is your video clip, can you show me the full footage and the purchase of the camel?

  3. Rajender Singh

    its wrong what they are doing n still they cant feel the pain n curse given by this speechless animals for example stampede which kills more then thousand pilgrimages in makka and crane falling incident but they cannot see their clear images in mirror what they do they will pay back every one on this earth will pay for killing innocent speechless animals Tsunami,floods,volcanoes,lightning from skyor any natural power ir human nuclear power will finished the earth but you will be first on line amen

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