Raffoul – CAMEL WALK 🐫🔥(Official Music Video) 2018 Summer Hit 🔥

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Raffoul is a hip jump musician from Jerusalem. Raffoul's current single 'Camel Stroll' is the opening and also preparation to the launch of his album 'Would certainly You Exist,' which exposes the audience to a caring journey of real hip hop and also rap songs. Some songs, like the Camel Stroll, will certainly make you dance through the night, and various other tracks will take you on a lyrical journey. They are individual, poetic, emotional, and portray life into intimate, unified tunes.

Originally, the 'Camel Stroll' is a viral dancing, coming from all the way back to the early 1900s, specifically as a social dancing in the USA in the 1910s and also 1920s. With the launch of Raffouls new video clip, the 'Camel Walk' dancing was required to the next degree. It was filmed in the center East desert scene, with historic camels, a beautiful women dance group, as well as songs bringing hip jump dancing as well as beats to a new degree.

Every person around the world is hitting the 'Camel Walk' dance, so could you hit the #CamelWalk!?


Camel Stroll, Camel Walk, Camel Walk,
Everybody in the club with the Lean,
Camel Stroll, Camel Stroll, Camel Stroll,
Cruising the desert like Aladeen,

Camel Walk, Camel Walk, Camel Walk,
Everybody in the club with the Lean,
Camel Walk, Camel Walk, Camel Stroll,
Cruising the desert like Aladeen,

One container, 2 bottles,
Spell to hit the club with the Designs,
3 bottles, 4 containers,
That ass look excellent when it wobbles,

She a good woman, however she gone bad,
Spell to light the weed, however she desires hash,
A tablet of morphine, spar money,
Racks on Racks, on Rack on Racks,

Take a hit of that SPLIF, and Pass on,
Put the mask off, and also the Mask on,
She calls me the King of the Babylon,
King, King, of the Babylon,


Pop, pop, pop, from the rooftop,
300 hundred thou on a new supply,
Assume I'm love, I pick her,
Body so hot Kama sutra,

See I started from all-time low now Im here,
Blood sweat as well as tear, was the only way to earn a bargain,
Currently I'm tossing stacks airborne,
Dollar love No area for no romance;

And also I'm striking # 1 tracks,
Bank so pack got me bidding with the millionaires,
Get me a camel due to the fact that I can,
Round to camel stroll as I travel in the desert sand,


Tune manufacturing: Mathew Bodda
Music video: Benjamin Lidsky
Dancing choreography: Amber Layne

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