Robots replace children as camel jockeys in UAE

Till 2005, thousands of kids were hired right into the centuries-old Arab sporting activity of camel auto racing as a result of their low weight and height, which implied the camels might run quicker. Lots of youngsters experienced injuries such as broken legs as well as hands from falling off camels, which could go for up to 30km per hr. Currently, instead of a youngster, camels in the UAE are ridden by small robots which are linked into camels manually.

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  1. X.

    without WHO involvment UAE would continue to abuse kids. now they abusing local adults in all fields except prostitusions or close friends to sheiks.very sham

  2. carsanya

    Speed crazy if you are sad because your passing tradition of toturing childeren is over.What else do you do to camels hmmmmm makes ya think(Well makes me think any way)

  3. Faissal aka Md. Faisal Halim

    This is great! Having lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE, I have met many who have tried to help the poor kids. Newspapers used to report of young boys of foreign maids being stolen for camel jokeying. Also, it was known that many boys were bought from their parents in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Many others used to send money to their parents. The sad thing about the boys was that once they grew older, all they could do was tend camels, as they were given no other training.

  4. imvoiceless

    biggest lie, the kids were stolen from the streets, they are not sent back to homes, they are sold back to people in pakistan or other countries where they are now being used for begging on the streets by an organised gang, that is associated with Govnements as they give a heafty amount to Govenment.

  5. mryellow123

    Yeah return to poverty, not education. I don’t get this at all, if I’m thinking of the right races then from what I’ve seen the kids are really competitive and look forward to it.

  6. btiensvold

    wow … this is …

    humanity is pathetic, and i dont meen the people in the video, im talking about the people commenting it.

    i cant beleave people are actualy saying that “aww, now the familys arent geting the money cause their kids no longer working”

    what kind of sick twisted basterds/bitches are you people? you honestly think that leting a child starv to death is werth it just so they can get money?

    humanity is sick …

  7. Farrukh Arif

    no i have heard that they put children on camel since the kids have less weight that is why the camel can run fast.

  8. bunsomatic

    Robots will soon take over the world. I know this to be true, I just watched The Terminator. And soon the robots will become politicians!!

  9. bustacapinlutha

    Good for the UAE – the country seems to have the best track record on human rights for children and women too!! Love from Texas, USA.

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