Runescape: Camel Warriors Guide

Camel Warriors High Level Mobs. Much easier to kill and make it through from compared to Living Wyverns and Ripper Demons yet take much longer to kill because of three stages with the mirage phase being the primary prime focus. On the expectation technicians very just like Glacors, yet when diving right into the battle really different. Weak Points; Range (Mirage phase), Melee (last phase). Special Decline; T85 Camel Staff.

Living Wyverns Guide:

Ripper Demons Overview:

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41 Replies to “Runescape: Camel Warriors Guide”

    • UrgntJustice

      +Michael Watson yeh forgot to mention that didnt want video going past 10mins. that’s ok to use if you charge it up with gold pieces etc bought from ge or obtained by yourself from pyramid plunder minigame for thieving etc. charge up within that pyramid, just annoying to charge it up etc. Unless you have unlocked the prestigious version which I think has unlimited teleports? but thats very rare.

    • Irualdemon

      +JusticeRS Pharaoh’s sceptre has 3 teles or 6 with desert hard tasks and Sceptre of the gods has 10 or 20 respectively. ๐Ÿ˜› At least Sotg is very handy overall if you have one. The artefacts cost nothing and the charges last long due to lack of high level activities in the desert. Which is why it’s good we have camel warriors now. Some action there too. Great guide, thanks for the quick starter facts. Does seem pretty chill task to do.

    • nightshadow

      +Irualdemon first ever task of these things and i was expecting ripper demon difficulty and i was surprised that i killed 3 without many problems sure they make you eat and drink your food and super restores more then most slayer monsters but there no ripper demon or rune dragon lol id say id put these on my list right along with eddimu of one of my fav slayer monsters to fight that also drop good loot lol

  1. Punani Priest of Sudan

    Hey justice, since jagex updated living wyverns drop table to day to be worth, supposedly 15k per kill, do you know if wyverns are now profitable and how much you can profit per hour?

  2. Michael Kraume

    the tornadoes only (and always) spawn if you use bind/stuns on the main camel. however this doesnt mean you should be using these abilities.
    tight bindings stuns them and after they snap out of it, the camel will spawn 3 tornadoes, taking a bit for this. if you know what youre doing and avoid all the tornadoes the stun gives you a lot of time it doesnt damagingly attack you.

    • Alone

      +JusticeRSย Oh, i ment i was making one haha, still looking forward to the defender video though! i actually have 2 kalphite defenders and 2 nex onces myself, consider myself a lucky bastard lol

  3. Syrus Coy

    Dont u guys dare make fun of the Camels!

    They are to be respected! Feared! Loved! And Feared!

    – Runelabs Winner for Camel Warriors

  4. Sylvester Pedersen

    how can People compare these to glacors. the mechanics Are so different, only similar Thing is the split , kinda. glacors spawn minions

  5. Aaron Ditchfield

    Attention to detail is required whilst video making, and you failed to mention the detail about needing high divination, in order to retune the guild portal for the wisp teleport.Kind of pointless start to the video

  6. Cement City

    I just tried these as a slayer task for the first time without knowing what to expect and I died on the first one. I probably should have watched this first.

    • Zen

      Dude me too! Like, they hit WAY harder and more consistently than shown in the video, and I’m using everything he is.

  7. Modern BoreFare

    First time getting them as a task.
    Looked up guide.
    Watched this guide.
    Added them to my block list.
    Now I can forget about them, lol.

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