Running With Camels

Simply some enjoyable with the lamb and also camels. This video clip took place automatically – the camera was bent on shoot Valentine (the sheep) being introduced to the camels. I should run back to get some even more hay- I made a decision to have a little fun with it as well as attempt to inspire the camels to obtain some workout along with me- while exercising fundamental commands. Such as quiting on command and then pressing onward.

I thought it was important to also explain that although it could appear to some that I am speaking/raising my voice harshly- it is simply a way to excite the camels and they know it's in good fun and also not out of malignance. Camels could have the tendency to be lazy and especially Baby he truly needs motivate to go go! Notice how well they respond to me. And also the running of the sheep is simply cute.

Anyhow, I thought it was a neat kind of not-planned video as well as I had not been originally intending to publish it. But in some cases it's enjoyable to get a little behind the scenes of something that wasn't planned. This was the evening feeding where I spread out the hay around the camels' big field to ensure that they are enriched in having to forage all over their unit to maintain hectic.

I would certainly enjoy to answer any kind of questions you may have.

Sorry once more for the video not being really polished, but this is a real 'behind the scenes' video that was never ever meant to be consisted of in anything- I simply believed it appeared type of cool as well as you could get a bit even more of a suggestion of several of the fun we have.

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  1. Raed Shareef

    I think they were hoping to get some cereal…lol . BTW u were not raising your voice harshly to the camels, usually camels respond more to louder voices .. like yelling, this is their nature.

  2. Ahmed Falahy

    Camels have a “social participation” urge.

    If camels see an individual/group of animal partaking in something like eating or playing, they are highly likely to join the party.

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