Russia’s AIDS Epidemic & The Camel Slam: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the February 14, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE Information Tonight on HBO.

4:02 President Trump briefly talked to reporters in the Oval Workplace today, supplying another dull declaration about the Rob Porter rumor, now in its eighth day.

7:37 4 gerrymandering instances are making their way through state and also federal courts, with significant implications for the 2018 midterms. VICE News takes a look at just what goes to stake in each instance as well as just how the maps might be redrawn.

10:07 Russia is currently in the throes of an HIV/AIDS epidemic, registering greater than one million diagnoses in 2016. VICE Information speaks to a Russian authorities downplaying the dilemma, while a federal government physician as well as an NGO worker claim they see it getting worse.

14:45 Laura Moriarty's novel, American Heart envisions an America where computer system registries and also detention camps are a fact for Muslim-Americans, but the backlash from the Young person area forced them to take it down.

20: 06 VICE Information visits Selcuk Turkey, to see one of the most significant camel wrestling events of the year.

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73 Replies to “Russia’s AIDS Epidemic & The Camel Slam: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)”

  1. DeshaunIsAmazing

    The Russian government attacks and demonizes LGBT people, and now they have an HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    Even Hollywood couldn’t have wrote that level of irony.

    • protectbodythetans

      The Grand Poobah maybe it will address the epidemic in haiti, or all the other places in the world where aids is as epidemic levels.. Cmon what is the point of your comments? Vice is international if you only want local news, try fox news? Or sinclair group?

    • protectbodythetans

      Виктор В lmaoo yea russians are not gay they are drug addicts which we all know drugs addicts are better than gay clowns. Is there a russian parasite eating peoples brains?

    • Gabe Powers

      Allowing homos to run rampant would worsen the problem exponentially so I say they are doing a good job!

    • 下佐粉ケイ

      I always thought the mascot for the fight against AIDS should be a space tiger.

      ☄️🐯💫 Andy the Space Tiger says to ask your doctor about *Truvada* or *Pre-exposure prophylaxis* if you are at a significant risk for contracting HIV! Taking a pill a day can help to keep the HIV away, but don’t forget to use other means of protection such as condoms or dental dams! Stay safe, kids!

  2. Preston Garvey

    Everyone bringing up the lgbt stuff and criticizing their government
    But the same people are making fun of those that are terminally ill with aids, go figure

    • Eric Haugen

      @Beyond Tribalism;
      Such instant flame and hate. I dislike both SJW’s and Trump! Perhaps he is the same. Your statement itself indicates you are polarized and have come to believe associations that may not be true. 🙁

  3. A boy and his shopping cart

    I bet the GOP will push for more guns in schools. Vote. Vote them out. That’s all they understand is their own interests.

    • Brandon Toad

      November I would not of want my teachers armed while I was growing up. That would made me feel unsafe and would make me unable to concrete. Not to mention a teacher going crazy and shooting a kid. Then what?

    • November

      If you feel comfortable giving someone the ability to shape the minds of a group of children, then you should feel confident in them as a whole. Teachers should be vetted even more thoroughly than they currently are. If a teacher for some reason just “went crazy” and decided to kill a student, they wouldn’t need a gun. How often do you hear if that happening?

  4. mastermill79

    Take heed, fixing another country’s election to create a false equivalency between the levels of injustice and corruption in your country and the victimised country gives you aids.

  5. Antarctica

    The Professor who wrote that fictional story about Muslim persecution in a near future America, perhaps should wrote a story about actual real persecution of Christians in places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. It is way more realistic.

    • Devon Wasserburger

      You mean persecution against freedom of thought,speech and personal beliefs Here in America, We now live in a america(world) where Unless you are a minority,LGBT, or not just plain Caucasian you are not allowed to have an opinion on anything other then agreeing how terrible white males are. Or you will be silenced of any freedom of speech, thought or credibility, oh and you are automatically a racist by default. That would be a accurate white complex narrative in America.

    • Beyond Tribalism

      Nothing about the idea is “unrealistic”. Only 60 years ago japanese americans were forced int internment camps. Your grandmother is older than that.

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