Sahara: A Desert Winter. Camel racing at a Bedouin desert festival

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Although most people think of the Sahara as a large, sandy open area, it provides lots of surprises to those intrepid sufficient to check out. The Sahara has its very own winter: the parched lands and also tanks of local residents are nourished when it rainfalls, as well as it even periodically snows. The occasion of the season for lots of is Tunisia's annual desert celebration, which brings in leading camel racers from Algeria, Libya, Oman, as well as Saudi Arabia. Experience people that stay in totally modernized cave homes, in remote oases, as well as in tents as desert wanderers.

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39 Replies to “Sahara: A Desert Winter. Camel racing at a Bedouin desert festival”

  1. MrHtjet

    The Berber and arab culture in North Africa is the same, those cultures has blended together this doc is very impressive , I notice these people in the video speak Arabic … God bless North Africa and it’s people

    • alyam al libya

      +MrHtjet exactly good point united is better for both of us especialy for amazigh as they are the minority, i live in tripoli and in libya we have over 42 tribes including the berbers, we dont get along togheter at times especialy after 2011 everyone has his own political view,unfortunetly the berbers are finding it difficult in todays libya then again every1 is, but they are pure survivors its in their blood

    • MrHtjet

      +alyam al libya btw im libyan as well , its rare to find people like ur self, i feel proud to talk to people like you, our country really needs people who are very intellectual and are able to look over things.

  2. Eniola Apata

    These Berber are native to North Africa is there Homeland, the may speak Arabic because of Arab invader, and their culture is different from each other. The Berber are desert people the noble people of North Africa

    • Blue Nerd

      It sounds like u hate Arabs and the man in particular is Arab and they’re happy for us coming and living with them cuz they’re proud Muslims and proud Arabic speakers

    • Eniola Apata

      +abdul moha Been Muslim is different, then retaining your identity as people, that is where our people lost in African continent. The Arab used religion as weapons of domination and oppression for 1,500 years in our beloved continent. I have nothing against Arab, but i am telling the truth history of Berber in North Africa, that have been oppressed by Arab settler, The Tifnag, and Berber language have suffer great set back. Every human being have right of existence that is my point. Mind you the Arab domination is throughout African continent including my country Nigeria, where we have seventy millions Muslims. With large concentration of Syrian and Omani Arab.

    • 新一工藤

      +Eniola Apata north africa was invaded by 3000 arab soldiers+3000 persians merc only, to give you a perspective city of alexandria egypt had 1 million population,
      most north africans are natives they just speak arabic with different dialects, there is a difference between ethnicity religion and language. most people dont make that distinction. religion influence language as is occupation like greeks arabs english french etc… most africans today speak invaders languages.
      i wish most african countries would revive only native languages like egyptian,nubian, amazigh………

    • Abd ul aziz

      just watch the video and leave your silly comments to yourself . This is directed to all people who have no clue about Islam . AS for riddiculous claim sex with animals” well i islam it is forbidden but it is not totally forbidden in secular countries because over there they believe in the god of individualism (they believe in billions of gods) so bestiality is just one aspect of sexual freedom whereas in islam you arent given that right by God but they are given respite till day of judgement where one wil end being an everlastying recycleproduct in hell .

  3. Saracen Black Romans

    Only on RT will they show black Arabs! Kudos! I hate how National Geographic, American and British documentaries and newsfeeds REFUSE to show Black Arabs. It’s amazingly shameful.


      about all herbivores have canines for breaking down harder vegetation. thats nothing compared to the gorilla tho, there canines are a little bigger than a human head and there total veg heads lol they eat nothing but fruits and plants all day.

  4. Daisy Jane Ling

    the juice coming from the coconut/palm trees are called tuba or lambanog here in Phillipines. Once it turns sour – it becomes vinegar.

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