Saudi Arabia – Riyadh Camel Market

Impression of the camel market near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Clips of camel being shaved as well as small camels being fed.

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This footage was videotaped throughout our overland journey from the Netherlands to South Africa from August 2013 until November 2015.

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  1. Keith Cleghorn

    I have gentled over 40 American Mustang wild horses, and they all have gone to good homes. I would love to spend a year watching and learning how the Arabs gentle their camels. The creature looks a whole lot more complicated than a wild mustang. But still I would have a ball working with such beautiful creatures. My best guess would be not going to Saudi Arabia, better to head to Australia where the Arabs buy the best breeding stock on the planet. The Aussies would be the best tutors for camel gentling. Plus they have great beer and beautiful women, who are very intelligent and enjoyable to have a chat with. This must frost the balls off all muslim men who are into camels. The fact that they might have to go to Australia to get the best stock and actually have to negotiate with a woman who is probably wearing shorts and a tight fitting tank top without a bra, should send the muslim into fits. My guess is he pays far more than he wants to, just because he has to get back to his hotel room in order to masturbate in private. Or depending if he drove out in a limo, well the back will be awfully sticky.

    • Keith Cleghorn

      +Sultan Abdulrahman That is sad to know. We have ranchers killing Mustangs because of grazing where they graze their cattle. Unfortunately it’s legal. I would love to have some camels even inferior ones, but wild camels in the states are few and far between.

    • Keith Cleghorn

      +Salafi Bowhunter That’s not what I heard. I have also heard that Arabs stump train their inferior camels, something about the camels being prettier that their wives. But that’s only a rumor I am trying to start. 😉

  2. نصراوي تائب

    لا يجود شخص عربي (أصيل) لا ينبهر في لحظة من اللحظات بالإبل ولا يأسره عشق هذا المخلوق والدليل: (أفلا ينظرون إلى الإبل كيف خلقت)
    الله انزل القرآن على العرب وحينما أراد أن يعطيهم آية على أنه الخالق ذكر لهم الإبل وهو يعلم سبحانه أن العرب لا يختلفون في حب هذا المخلوق
    كل من يهاجم الإبل ومالكيها هو شخص مشكوك في عروبته ونسبه
    على فكره أنا لا امتلك إبل ولا أحد من أقاربي ولكن فطرتي الي الله فطرني عليها تأسرني بحب هذا المخلوق
    سبحانه تعالى

  3. Ahmad Aziz

    But like if they wanted to get rid of the camel why do Arabs slaughter them that’s sad to do what if people like to and wanna ride a camel

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