what I did with Camel URINE… the miracle cure !

All I desire for Xmas is … Camel PEE!!!

Sorry for the massive hold-up, I know I stated I would upload two times a week … Its been an active pair weeks for me, yet once more! I got invited to Dubai for the international vacationers Celebration- see my Instagram and also facebook for information!! and I'll soon be taking off on an additional bike journey for a pair weeks without my laptop computer.: S.

I'll be posting the upgrade to this video in a couple of days, and also with any luck before I leave on my journey, I'll be uploading my South Africa mosaic video!!

I hope you appreciated this wacky different video clip of mine. I recognize its not motorbike relevant, but thought I 'd toss something various right into the mix, allow me understand your ideas!

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33 Replies to “what I did with Camel URINE… the miracle cure !”

  1. Peter Griffin

    The video in the recommended on the right is a muslim guy claiming that the urine of prophet Muhammad didn’t have a foul odour xD

    • Hubbly Bubbly

      Well, Bedouins used to use Camel urine way before islam. Even if that’s sounds weird and Eww! it doesn’t mean it’s not good. BUT I WOULDN’T TRY ONE!

    • gerard . A

      Camel urine is proved scientifically in America that it stops cancer from building blood vessels to nourish itself and starve it , further more camel urine can be left long time without any germ going to it as it resistant to any bacteria or virus , so now they use it in skin infections , but as I suspect you never been to school , and you are a idiot , I wouldn’t argue with you more .

    • V I N D I C T O T E N T O R I A

      Not Your Business
      Well, scientists DID find a huge crack and rift on the Moon that could only be caused by Moon splitting in half soโ€ฆ

  2. SickPrid3

    People will put anything on themselves or eat anything. Just add “luxurious” , double the price and you will find a sucker for it ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Combat Bananas

    Rosie try Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I use it for my beard and its grown thicker and fuller. Plus it’s not Camel urine. It does smell tho.

  4. Donna Rothleitner

    I am going through the same things with my hair, lupus and fibromyalgia….I’ve tried everything as well and still have clumps of hair coming out. Love all the information you share in regards to your experiences with Fibro. Can’t wait to see if this works to keep the hair from falling out.

    • Rosie Gabrielle

      ๐Ÿ™ . so sorry !
      the other products I’ve used that have helped were- horsetail oil, can be used directly on scalp or taken as a suppliment- only used oil so far. Roasemary oil (directly on scalp) . neem- but it stinks ! and of course the camel.. HUGE improvemtent ! check out new update video. will have the links to some products there. I really hope you’re able to find something that works for you. stress is a big one too. turns out , I actually have had chronic Lyme disease , all these stressors on our bodies, especially emotional don’t help in the physical aspect. all the best in your healing jounrey;. Love yourself,.,. this is the best medicine.. easier said than done when our bodies are fighting us so hard. accept, love, heal. XX

  5. gerard . A

    Camel urine is proven scientifically in America that it’s anti cancerous , anti viral and germicide , but I never heard that it’s good for hair growth !!!! It’s the first time I see that . Usually it’s only used in hospital in America , but Arabs where using it since 1400 years ago , yup they drink it , and yes it’s anti cancerous . ๐Ÿ™‚ , whatever some guys like it or not , if you have a cancer you will drink it if you want to live , that I am sure of it .

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