Wild Animals Kids Toys Hippo Camel Grizzly Bear Toy Review Funny ending


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    • SuperFunReviews

      +Shannon Bowman thank you! this video of mine has some awesome wolves. “Wild Animals Toy Collection Kids Toys Lions Tigers Cheetahs Wolves Jungle Book 3D Puzzle Fun End ” The black panther is a favorite of mine to 😀

  1. Kristin The Dino/Diamond Queen

    Awesome Video!
    Black Bears live where I live in the United States and it’s also the state mammal!

  2. CottonCandyCorner

    I sure like the funny part at the end and I learned so much about wild life, Thanks for sharing see you soon !


    I think grizzly bears and monkeys are two of the few animals that walk on four feet but can stand on two.. or at least i can’t think of more at the moment..XD 🙂

    • Becky Todd

      +SuperFunReviews Bactrian camels at my favorites
      The Bactrian camel lives in cold areas of Asia where snow doesn’t melt

    • SuperFunReviews

      +Becky Todd Their thick, shaggy coat keeps them warm in winter and moults or falls out as the weather gets warmer.
       I like the Bactrian the best to.

  4. Becky Todd

    What animals are you planning to be getting next?
    Tasmanian devil
    Asian water buffalo
    Indian elephant
    Indian rhino
    Clouded leopard
    Thomsons gazelle
    Pygmy hippos

    • SuperFunReviews

      +Becky Todd Asian Water Buffalo Indian Elephant Indian Rhino and Clouded Leopard plus a few surprises! Thank you for your suggestions 🐻

    • SuperFunReviews

      +Becky Todd Im still waiting for the Clouded Leopard to arrive. I might do another Big Cats type vid first because I have two new black panthers.  I will do some of the new animals after that. The next vid will be another sea creatures one, then the big cats and then Asian Water Buffalo Indian Elephant Indian Rhino etc 

  5. Becky Todd

    That Safari ltd Hippo has similar color to the Larger Wildlife Wonders hippo and the two reprints of the original hippos in my opinion

    • SuperFunReviews

      +Anthony Kerber yes! It is amazing how they can adapt to suburban life. We don’t have bears in Australia but we have lots of foxes. I live near a park with a river and ducks and this is the foxes favorite hunting ground – keeps them out of my trash!

    • SuperFunReviews

      +Rebeca Jimenez they do! I love Baloo such a kind and laid back sloth bear. Really enjoyed the 2016 Jungle Book movie 😀 Baloo features in some of my other recent videos

  6. Anthony Kerber RO

    Dacă crezi că este bine să curgă de la un urs, atunci te înșeli. Fugind de urși îi va face să se simtă amenințați, iar ei vor urmari oameni la viteze de funcționare mai mari decât cele dintre cele mai rapide oameni de pe Pământ. Atunci când întâlniți un urs în sălbăticie, cel mai bine este să rămână calmă, încet înapoi departe, evita contactul vizual cu ursul (care, cum ar fi alergatul, face ca ursul te vezi ca o amenințare), și nu întoarce spatele ursului până când nu sunt complet în afara domeniului sau de pe teritoriul său; urșii sunt știu să fie extrem de periculoase pentru om.

    • SuperFunReviews

      This is great advice!
      If you think it is good to run from a bear, then you are wrong. Fleeing bears will make them feel threatened, and they will chase and outrun you. When you see a bear in the wild, it is best to remain calm, slowly back away, avoiding eye contact with the bear (which, like running, the bear sees as a threat), and do not turn away from the bear until you are out of its territory; bears are know to be extremely dangerous to humans.

    • SuperFunReviews

      Thank you! My latest video only has bears in it – you might like to take a look. My favorite is the Grizzly with the open jaw.

    • SuperFunReviews

      Grizzly Bear – Papo 2013 It is a nice model with good claws on feet and hands. My favourite is another Papo bear with the head turned to the side and open jaw – standing Papo black bear 2010. I purchased the 2010 bear this year on Amazon.  😀

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